Sunday, December 12, 2004

Amigos, estes textos foram retirados do site , que recomendo:

June 18, 2003 Iberian lynx agreement signedSpanish Environment Minister Elvira Rodríguez and Fuensanta Coves, environment councillor for the Junta de Andalucía, have signed an agreement to step up measures to conserve the Iberian lynx and to activate the captive breeding program. The first phase of the captive program will involve seven animals, four females and three males.

Há lobos que voltam à Alemanha, e são bem tratados pelas populações. Para quando o mesmo com os linces em Portugal?

Wolves returning to Germany: opportunity and challengeBy John Linnell Shattering the myth that wolves are denizens of remote wilderness, wolves have begun to return to the human-dominated landscapes of Germany. The story illustrates both the robustness of wolves and the fragility of small populations, the possibilities of restoring European wolf populations and the challenges this presents. Read more


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